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    Epicurus Suggestions

    By Sneeze,

    Epicurus Suggestions

    I'm just going to make it short n sweet. not going to go through depth explanation on why these should be added its pretty self explanatory. 

    • Add mage-bank to the PK teleport 
    • Add an exp boost on ::vote rewards or a exp lamp in the vote store
    • Bank tabs 
    • Achievements with rewards
    • Wildywyrm
    • Shooting Star
    • Wilderness Treasure - Wildy keys
    • OSRS bosses (wilderness bosses)
    • Loyalty Points
    • EPK game mode (not a different world) (same world)
    • Ironman mode 
    • bounty hunter target system
    • Resource Area in deep wild
    • Well of Goodwill
    • Multiple Pets (osrs , skilling, boss)
    • Treasure Island


    Update 1.0.6

    By Epicurus,

    Updates Include:


    • added better instancing system for both current and future updates (Jad, Barrows, Duel Arena, etc..)
    • mining works 100% now
    • smithing and smelting works 100% now
    • smelting works (use ore on furnace) w/ requirements in inv
    • smithing interfaces have been redone and smithing works 100% now
    • thieving stalls adjusted slightly
    • added coal bag to slayer shop (untradeable)
    • added all 4 rune crafting pouches to slayer shop (untradeable)
    • fixed all slayer tasks
    • added region system
    • regular players may now visit the donator zone by typing ::dzone, but cannot interact in any way with anything @ ::dzone region
    • added frost dragons into ::Dzone
    • added frost dragons slayer task
    • added drops to frost dragons
    • added dragon kin npc to talk @ frost dragons in ::dzzone
    • added slayer masters into ::dzone
    • added talismans to skill shops
    • added rockcake to gen store
    • fixed rune x-bow with proper ammo's
    • donators now receive 6 points per pest control game instead of 4
    • fixed tormented demon drop tables
    • crafting is working better (still needs some updates)
    • added pure ess for rcing into the skilling shop

    more to come...


    Working on:


    • rewriting fletching
    • adding Nex
    • rewriting agility (giving it a purpose)
    • rewriting firemaking
    • rewriting herblore
    • rewriting farming
    • adding a plethora of slayer/wildy/special bosses
    • adding more areas pertaining to slayer
    • updating and finalizing prestige system to work with added perks up to lvl 100 prestige for every skill!

    Update 1.0.5

    By Epicurus,




    We have added new content, you will need to use the launcher to update to new cache before playing. Click HERE.


    • Adjusted slayer tasks to range between 25-35 monsters per task
    • Added 2 new slayer masters
      • Chaeldar (Low Level Slayer Master)
      • Vannakka (Medium Level Slayer Master)
      • Duradel (High Level Slayer Master)
    • Adjusted Voting points needed for items in vote shop.
    • Completely re-wrote smithing, all interfaces now working smoothly.
    • Fixed all Deposit boxes, you can now deposit items directly into your bank
    • Added Custom slayer workshop @ ::Dzone with all 3 slayer masters
    • Added Custom church @ ::Dzone with prayer altar, and ancient altar
    • Added Custom Instanced Arena for Frost dragons @ ::Dzone
    • Added G.E. Npc and Gambler Npc to ::Dzone bank
    • Added all fishing spots @ ::Dzone w/ custom area
    • Added multiple bank deposit boxes to ::Dzone
    • Added mouse scroll wheel option for moving camera angle
    • Added You tuber Rank with icon and title
    • Added tan rock cake, eating this does not consume, and will take your hit points to 1
    • Added grey rock cake, eating this will consume, and will heal you to 99, cannot be used in combat, is obtainable from chaos dwarves.
    • Added "Server" yell function when a player hits level 99 in any skill, and when a player prestige's any skill.

    Many more to come....